Clayton Solutions and Services

Clayton Holdings LLC provides information and services that financial institutions, investors and government entities use to evaluate, acquire, securitize, service and monitor loans and asset-backed securities. Since 1989, our customized solutions, years of incomparable experience, and true "independent" offerings have saved our clients billions of dollars.  

Loan Review and Due Diligence

Since its founding in 1989, Clayton has performed due diligence on over 10 million residential loans—making us a true pioneer in the residential loan due diligence industry. Our clients are buyers of loans, sellers of loans, and investors in loans at global financial institutions, investment banks and hedge funds. We have extensive experience in supporting transaction management activities for our clients in the mortgage industry.

Our Loan Review and Due Diligence services help our clients understand all aspects of risk contained in a loan file.  By completing a comprehensive loan file review, our clients have the accurate information needed to price, acquire and service the assets.  Our reviews are tailored to our clients' exact needs and include validation of critical data points and identification of credit, property valuation, compliance, and fraud risk in specific portfolios.  Most importantly, each of our review scopes take into account a client's history, experience with the seller, the seller's size, the type of loan, and the quality of data.

Staffing, Recruiting, and Outsourcing

Clayton Staffing Solutions can deliver temporary mortgage recruiting solutions for lenders, servicers, investors, and issuers—of any size. We work with mortgage professionals across the entire range of the loan life cycle.

Over the past several years, the mortgage industry has been in a constant state of influx. Sometimes it’s expanding, racing along at a phenomenal rate; other times it’s shrinking, slowing down to the pace of a crawl. This fluctuation can be difficult to handle—the interview process can take several months, and dramatic market changes often happen overnight.

Commercial Services

Clayton Commercial Services provides a broad range of capabilities including loan level due diligence, portfolio oversight, business process consulting, benchmarking, third-party surveillance and strategies to help maximize the value of all commercial property & credit types.

Commercial Services

In 2011 alone, 92 banks failed; and in the last four years there have been over 400 bank failures and more than 1,100 bank mergers.  Did you know that most bank failures were small Community Banks with non-standard paper Commercial Loan files?  Nearly 85% of these bank failures were due to Construction, Commercial Real Estate and Commercial & Industrial loans. 


Today, banks and mortgage servicers are faced with a new landscape of regulation and increased investor demand for transparency and accountability. All mortgage industry stakeholders operating in the new and changing environment seek security: security that they are operating in compliance to avoid legal and headline risk, security that counterparties are operating within expected guidelines, and security that investment values and returns are maximized. The path to achieving desired security leads stakeholders to independent, third-party oversight, embodied by Clayton Surveillance.

To avoid these looming regulations and fraud investigations, you need security: security against legal and headline risk, security against fraudulent counterparties, and security against your general investment risk. 


Clayton’s consulting division is a specialty consulting firm that supports the needs of market-leading companies and their respective counterparties to address a variety of advisory needs in the mortgage industry. Our clients include mortgage originators, servicers, banks, regulators, private equity firms and the GSE's.

We offer high-impact, practical solutions and implementation strategies in Operational Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Control and Business Process Improvement.