LTD & Associates Inc., Risk Management & Assessment

We provide services to assess security related issues, including the building of Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and business disaster manuals, ensuring that both businesses and individuals are safe and secure from unwanted sources. This includes the safeguarding of property, inventory, fixed assets, information and personal safety. Assessing risk calls for expertise and experience to limit exposure and mitigate the effect of the risk.

Electronic Sweeps ("Bugs"), Network & Information Security

Using only up to date equipment, we can conduct electronic sweeps to ensure that offices, private residences, automobiles are free from outside monitoring devices. Further, we can conduct live sweeps of important meetings, including use of "white noise technology", to determine if essential information is being recorded or simultaneously transmitted to outside sources.

Our readily available associates are experienced in providing related surveys to install security and fire protection equipment, as well as Network Security Solutions, which includes complete computer systems assessments and computer forensics, installing firewalls, anti-virus programs and other I.T. components.

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