Bacall Development: Build-to-suit construction and its advantages

Build-to-suit buildings provide room for future expansions to current tenants. It is often viewed as a long-term investment which can be leased to several tenants according to reviews. Bacall Development and Associates can design a build-to-suit property that fulfills the needs of the tenants. The firm has well-known investors and developers of retail, office, hotel and congregate care assets in Southeast Michigan.


You will see some of the basic advantages of build-to-suit construction in the designing phase and in other areas including availability and reservation. The tenants can suggest ideas and goals during the designing phase of a build-to-suit development. The interior space is specifically designed to match the needs of the tenants.

It also allows tenants to choose their preferred location. And since build-to-suit developments are usually newly constructed, energy efficient construction materials were used and installed with the latest technology that can help tenants to save on operating costs.

Other tenants can also lease available space on build-to-suit locations, or do a reservation for future expansions. The rent for this kind of development is fully tax deductible over the full term of the lease.

In any case, Bacall Development and its associates also needs you to understand the disadvantages of build-to-suit properties since this matter is an important company decision. Build-to-suit properties require a long-term commitment and demand a good credit in order to gain financing. Moreover, it takes several years to construct a build-to-suit property.

Before engaging in a build-to-suit development, you must be knowledgeable of your long-term goals and needs. Make sure that the construction materials used along with the design and location of the property will benefit your company in the future.  Include flexibility to your plans because there's always the possibility of growth and expansion to your business.

Reviews advise that one must also know the credibility of the developers. Choose a developer that has reliable capabilities and has an excellent experience in building industrial properties, and a developer who can act as a point of contact throughout the entire project to ensure a smooth process.

Decades of expertise in commercial real estate made Bacall and Associates Development one of the most respected firms in Southeast Michigan. The firm is well-suited for, and welcome your build-to-suit needs, joint venture, and other strategic alliance proposals.