Keeley Hammond: Group Account Director at Think Shift Consulting

Think Shift is an agency and consultancy focusing on brand, culture and leadership. They deliver brands that connect and communicate with audiences, cultures that establish more engaging workplaces and leadership that develop determined leaders and employees who inspire. The shift occurring in media, advertising and the way people interact with different brands has been understood by the firm and sees that clients needed more than a traditional or digital agency could provide. Today’s changing landscape is the reason why Think Shift was built.

They offer an impressive variety of services such as brand and marketing, business communication strategies, leadership training, corporate culture development, design, video, user experience and analytics, web and app development, advertising, social media strategy and public relations. Their outstanding professionals are always eager to help different organizations both inside and out.

Keeley Hammond is the group account director for the consulting services of Think Shift.
She administers and develops client relationships of the firm's consulting portfolio of accounts. She provides financial management of account revenue and profitability of the firm's consulting division, and strategic direction for the clients. She helps the clients to develop frameworks for increasing employee engagement and revenue. She's responsible for achieving positive results through web-based campaigns and programs, and delivers metrics on the overall quality of the relationship and the product provided to the accounts.

Furthermore, she promotes relationships with other account directors and account managers within the firm. She teaches and guides team members while encouraging and handling overall project teams. She identifies and executes best practices and brings overall development of the consulting services.

She attended Rochester Institute of Technology from 2006-2010 where she received her BFA with Honors. In 2011, she left her native home of Kansas City and moved to Portland, Oregon. She previously served as the marketing coordinator in Canada and territory business manager for LogiStyle.

She assisted clients develop both their internal leadership and their corporate culture throughout her three years in LogiStyle. LogiStyle's clients were small, rapidly growing companies, and making a genuine difference in these companies' stories was truly rewarding for her.

Keeley loves to collect stories from books, comics and campfire tales when she was a kid. Now that she's an adult, she has the opportunity to help companies, especially smaller companies, to accurately express their own stories to the world. She had the chance to speak with manufacturing engineers, salt mine workers, CFOs, and each of them has a different but equally fascinating story to tell. She feels fulfillment by knowing that she'll get to be a small part of that larger process.

She also enjoys exploring the mountains of the Columbia Gorge, and watching low budget horror movies.

Wonder what food Keeley gets her creativeness? Surprisingly, it is from a local dish in Rochester, NY, called a garbage plate. It is a mix of ground beef, macaroni salad, home fries and hot sauce. It is often served with a tiny plastic cup of meat grease for added flavor. She lived in Rochester for four years and her creative projects were entirely powered by garbage plates.